Apropos In A Sentence

How do you use the word Apropos in a Sentence?

The Word Apropos is an adverb from the English dictionary. Below are some examples of how to use apropos in a sentence.

Apropos Definition

First let's see the definition of this english word Apropos before we look at how it will be used in a sentence.

The Oxford Dictionary defines Apropos as follows:

Preposition - With Reference to / concerning

Adjective - Very appropriate to a particular situation

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10 Apropos Example Sentences

  1. "Apropos of nothing. I have big ears!" In other words it is appropriate to nothing, it means nothing to most people! This is a prepositional phrase apropos of.
  2. "I visited Jack & Jill in London last week; apropos, have you seen Jills mum recently?"
  3. "Donuld Trumps comment, though unexpected, was apropos"
  4. "I don't think it's apropos to ask your colleague how much they earn"
  5. "What do you think is apropos clothing to wear to the business meeting"
  6. "It seems apropos to tweet this message"
  7. "It felt apropos to mention the advantages of single word .com domains for brands"
  8. "Apropos to the CEO's speach, I'd like to make a suggestion"
  9. "Currency for most markets are down, apropos to the current US elections & Brexit"
  10. "Apropos to this article, the word Apropos is very relevant to the word appropriate!"